Learn more about IGNITE’s industry projects and partnerships.

IGNITE works closely with industry stakeholders to discuss the challenges that are being faced in Atlantic Canada and identify opportunities for innovation and technology integration. Through collaborative efforts, IGNITE is promoting the use of sustainable, environmentally-friendly efforts and helping to create new opportunities within our traditional industries for future generations.

Our industry-led approach starts with relationships and discussions with key local industry partners to discover the core challenges and opportunities to support the growth of these sectors in our communities and the province.  Through these discussions, we strive to create problem statements that encapsulate the area of focus for our activities and challenges.

Our Goals for Corporate Innovation

  • Define our role in the innovation ecosystem pertaining to industry
  • Increase promotion of IGNITE’s role in industry innovation
  • Leverage current partnerships with industry members to create new opportunities in Atlantic Canada
  • Create a streamlined way to identify problems and match with partners to find solutions
  • Create ongoing programming for industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs
  • Design or support a program that engages youth (high school and post-secondary) and creates interest in careers in traditional industries
  • Highlight innovation in Nova Scotia’s traditional industries
  • Increase communication between stakeholders in our traditional sectors
  • Showcase career opportunities to the youth of Nova Scotia
  • Celebrate the successes of our companies in traditional industries
  • Promote the adoption of technologies and innovation to help grow these traditional industries and support our local companies

Key Corporate Innovation Activities

Current Initiatives

The logo for the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship

COVE Outpost

COVE brings together people, ideas, industry, and research to help our community and members work in new ways.Together, we are a catalyst in creating the world’s next practical, commercial and revolutionary ocean tech  advances. Located in Halifax Nova Scotia, on the world’s second largest natural harbour.


Past Initiatives

The logo for Seafood Innovation project at IGNITE Atlantic

Seafood Innovation

Based in rural Nova Scotia, the seafood industry is an important economic sector to IGNITE. Funding entrepreneurs and start-ups with passion for an enormous part of our community is part of the core of our business. When we help you, the community gets stronger. Through competitions and tenant community, IGNITE is growing with the seafood industry.

The logo for the COVID-19 Relief program at IGNITE Atlantic

COVID-19 Relief

IGNITE has proudly been involved in multiple COVID-19 relief projects. PPE is an important part of allowing rural and local businesses to thrive in the new economy, and IGNITE is excited to provide resources allowing for the community to do so. Are you in need of protective equipment to keep your operations running but you are unsure of where to source it?