Pombcoup Disrupting the Trawling Industry

IGNITE tenant Pombcoup Technologies is disrupting the trawling industry on a global scale.  Marc d’Entremont, former owner of Inshore Fisheries, along with Jim Hanlon, founding CEO of the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), and Angie Greene, Partner at Conrad Hurlbert LeBlanc Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants have set their sights on innovating the industry with a new approach that focuses on harvester safety, habitat rehabilitation and becoming a key contributor to Canada’s Blue Economy.

This new technology will help harvesters keep up with increasing global food demand and save time and money on repairs and fuel. By keeping the net off the ocean floor, important habitats will have the opportunity to recover while existing threats will have a chance to be saved.

Jim Hanlon, founding CEO of the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), has had the opportunity to work with a number of innovative companies in ocean tech. He says he chose to get onboard with Pombcoup Technologies because both Marc d’Entremont and Angie Greene know the fishing industry well and are wonderful business people.

“They know what technology will and will not work in the challenging world of commercial fisheries.  Pombcoup Technologies is developing truly disruptive commercial fishing technology that will both improve operating efficiency and reduce environmental impacts in this important industry,” says Hanlon.  

IGNITE Labs CEO/Founder Doug Jones is thrilled to be able to mentor and support a company that’s challenging the way harvesters have been operating for more than a century.

“Traditional harvesting of seafood is a very important part of our economy,” says Jones.  “Continuing to apply technology and innovation to the seafood sector is vital for continued sustainability and growth. Pombcoup is developing technologies to not only improve the way fish is harvested, but also to decrease the environmental impact on our oceans and reduce by-catch overfishing. It’s been exciting for IGNITE to help Pombcoup develop their company and their innovative approach to our traditional fisheries. “

The company believes this new technology will be the first step toward spurring further innovation in the global fishing industry.


Doug Jones

CEO/Founder, Ignite Labs



Marc d’Entremont

Founder and CEO, Pombcoup Technologies Ltd.