Our Resident Companies

TURN2 Innovation Inc. is an innovative research and development company that focuses on developing great new products. Their extensive history and success in the sports industry and product development field makes them the ideal company to bring new products to market.
Xona Games is an award-winning indie game studio that makes intense arcade-style retro games. Xona’s games have ranked #1 in Canada and Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, and their developers have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions.
Saltwreck Inc. was created for all proud Canadians with a desire for high quality, locally made artwork. Saltwreck creates beautiful prints that are 100% made in the Maritimes. The prints are intended to pull at your heartstrings and are unique, bold, and eye-catching.

Wintergarden is a board game design company based on cooperative games. Its aim is to spark teamwork and creativity in others with games that will challenge friends and families alike.

Green Oil Solutions specializes in oil filtration technology, and is currently developing filtration systems for marine and near-shore industries including commercial fishing. Green Oil also has a service to clean contaminants in diesel fuel and hydraulic oil for heavy machinery and equipment.
Aerial Ridge is a Film Production & Marketing Company.They create content for business of any size and distribute across all mediaplatforms. They deliver visual storytelling through brand stories, explainervideos, event videos, commercials, documentaries, and more.
When we donate, we often don’t know how effective our dollars are. Pinkaloo solves that by creating the best donor experience possible. Pinkaloo’s goal is to help individuals not only budget their giving, but find the right organizations to support, and make the process easy, fun, and modern.
Snap Innovations logo
SNAP Innovations specializes in patented attachment devicesfor the sports and outdoor industry and the marine sector.  Their uniquedesigns focus on one-handed operation and high strength for the biggest tasksin the outdoor and marine sectors.

Recircle Plastics logo
Recircle aims to create a circular economy by recycling plastic through a mechanical process to then be repurposed.
Their team wants to change the narrative around plastic waste to plastic value to create a sustainable future and retain pre-existing value.
OlyUp Technologies Logo

OlyUp Technologies is a software tool that coaches can use to either enhance their programming workflows through data analytics or automate their ability to prepare training programs for athletes, based on their sport, position, and individual characteristics.

Storybox Logo
StoryBox is a platform to help international students cope up with homesickness, cultural shock, language barrier and currency differences by 1:1 mentorship, videos, blogs and podcasts.

Wild Roots Restaurant Logo

Wild Roots is a full-service neighbourhood restaurant in Tusket with local ingredients at the forefront. We strive to use the best ingredients our community has to offer in a bright and inviting space.

Powered by Global Villages, Talenca is empowering the Renaissance of Rural by connecting smart innovations that solve local challenges with champions in Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada.  
Bridging the divide between rural startups and investors.
Naturally Me Logo
NaturallyMe Apparel & Cosmetics is a company that shows appreciation and respect to cultures across the world through clothing and starting with Naturally Me masks.​​ The masks are made of European fabric and African fabric to bring a piece of our history as humans collective from west Africa.

Mythological Memos Logo
Mythological Memos is an ethical online stationery store that specializes in showcasing small artists, especially Canadian ones. Mythological Memos seeks to pay artists fairly, and is committed to keeping pirated goods out of its inventory.

Open Energy Lab Logo
Open Energy Lab provides an open source alternative energy firm. With the world racing towards electrification of automobiles and dwindling and limited lithium resources, the Lab aims to provide the world's first completely biodegradable all carbon battery.
St.FX Boxes Logo
St.FX Boxes is a hand-crafted wooden box designed to safeguard, protect and store graduates' iconic X-Ring.
Profits go toward an X-ring fund to support students in need.
Liven Protein + Kefir Logo
Liven Beverages is a single serve protein kefir, a delicious digestive supporting, post-workout, fermented protein beverage with no added sugar, made with locally produced organic milk, intended to "Liven up your diet”.
New Brooklyn Media logo
New Brooklyn Media is a full-service productioncompany offering video, photo and design services based in New Glasgow, NovaScotia.
Every client is unique and every bit of content should reflect that.
360LAB Logo
360LAB are Virtual Reality Video Storytellers in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Powered by New Brooklyn Media + Acorn Art Photography.

A. Langley Developments logo
A. Langley Developments is a destination development partner, helping clients leverage infrastructure, connect supply chains, and promote meaningful itinerary experiences.
This attracts and grows opportunity in high net-worth markets including the luxury yacht & private jet sectors. 
Atrio Sports logo
Atrio Sports provides a centralized networking and scheduling platform that revolutionizes the Sports Relationship Management Industry (SRM) by redefining the way we navigate the sports world.

Sailor Boy Sauces logo
Sailor Boy Sauces began at the Yarmouth Farmers Market in 2013. They offer a lower salt, fat, and sugar sauce alternative that's delicious on salads, as a veggie dip, great on pizza, burgers, wings, sandwiches, and more. 

Oakleaf Crane & Inspection Services logo
Oakleaf Crane and Inspection Services Ltd. offers crane services and is currently in the process of engineering hardware and software to develop an assisted lifting device for lobster fishing vessels to reduce risk and injury while increasing efficiency within the industry.

Katchi Precision Fish Harvesting Logo
We are Katchi, a team of like-minded individuals      re-inventing how fish is harvested from our oceans. Our system is contactless with the seabed, allowing important marine and coral habitats to remain and rebuild.
This ensures that humans limit their impact on ocean species while simultaneously securing food sources needed to support a ballooning world population.
Oxebow Enterprises logo
Oxebow Enterprises is focused on design and development of practical innovations that increase productivity in the fishing and maritime industry.

Optimizing the time spent on the water for people making a living at sea is an integral piece of each Oxebow solution.

Emunity Logo
Emunity is a blockchain identity company that is developing applications that tracks digital identity from over 50 countries to verify issuing authority and diagnostic reports.

These technologies have applications in proof of vaccination, healthcare, prescription fraud and more.