She Means Business

Article by Ingrid Deon

There’s a nervous energy in the air during the first few minutes of a She Means Business event. Women from all different ages and backgrounds file into Ignite Labs on Main Street in Yarmouth. Some are excited to network with like-minded women and others are taking a big step out of their comfort zone to be here, but they all have one thing in common — they all have a vested interest in being a female entrepreneur.

“We wanted to have a fun, safe place for women to talk about their successes and struggles in business as entrepreneurs, and to network and make friends and create relationships and grow,” she says.

“I think because we saw so many men here, we wanted to expand it out and create our own thing,” she says, adding that it’s not easy to start a business when you’re a woman and it’s helpful to have a support system that’s free from judgement or pressure.

Most She Means Business events center around programming with a speaker or a panel of speakers. The speakers are experts in their field, be it marketing or finance or how to open a brick and mortar shop, and they share information that attendees can then use to grow their own businesses.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, She Means Business events have been held virtually through Zoom, which has opened the group up to a wider audience. Erin says she hopes to keep hosting virtual events even when we’re able to safely gather in large groups again.

Danielle says the best part about She Means Business is seeing like-minded women collaborate and make connections. At the end of each event, there’s usually time for networking and chatting over wine and cheese. Both Danielle and Erin have watched women make plans to work with other women they may have never met if it wasn’t for She Means Business.