What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is a place for entrepreneurs to access technology and education to develop new ideas, solutions, and businesses. IGNITE is not restricted by age group, location, or sector. Our reach can extend across Nova Scotia and beyond. What makes IGNITE unique is we can create coalitions with different industries to innovate new solutions that can be applied to existing challenges that we face in our province, across several different sectors. We encourage everyone to explore how they can make change possible in a rural community. By engaging youth, communities, entrepreneurs, and industry. IGNITE’s overall goal is to be the best innovation, technology &business resource throughout rural Nova Scotia.

With our partner organizations we host events, programs, and projects to help everyone learn the fundamentals of starting a business, how to use technology to grow your business, and where to find resources to help you transition your businesses. Follow us on social media for all of the upcoming event and news!

Our Partners


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IGNITE Northern

352 East River Road, New Glasgow

IGNITE Central

264 Herring Cove Rd #100, Halifax

IGNITE Southern

208 Main Street, Yarmouth